Architectural metal and interior fit-out

Metal Railings

As well as providing a functional and safe way of traversing stairs, railings are a perfect way to add a...

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Copper Splashbacks

       Copper Splashbacks  In any modern kitchen, style is paramount. That glistening shine that reflects off sleek counter...

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Custom Metal Splashbacks

Get a stylish, robust, and bespoke metal splashback that meets your needs perfectly. Whether you’re looking for a professional kitchen...

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Bespoke Metal Bar Tops

We are incredibly passionate about creating beautifully handcrafted and timeless custom metal bar tops, bar fronts and back fittings for...

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When it comes to making luxury upgrades to your home or hospitality establishment, our team provides a service focused on aesthetic design that matches the general interior theme of the surroundings, while offering the maximum in practical function and lifespan. These factors are all evident in our range of metal splashbacks and countertops.

Our splashbacks are designed for family homes, high end hospitality venues and everything in between, offering an easy to clean surface and a glistening shine that reflects off the eye. Our copper splashbacks, being sourced from pure copper, offer a unique patina aesthetic that develops through the oxidisation process of copper reacting with the air, a signal of the quality of materials we manipulate in our products.

countertops and bar tops are perfect for introducing a modern to your establishment or home, where bars and kitchens carry inevitable spillages and mess. Our range of countertops are sleek in design, with corrosive resistance, making them ideal long term fixtures as a surface that comes into regular contact with hot or erosive liquids. As well as standing the test of time, these countertops are extremely easy to clean and maintain, which allows you to maximise the aesthetics.