Bespoke Metal Bar Tops

We are incredibly passionate about creating beautifully handcrafted and timeless custom metal bar tops, bar fronts and back fittings for our clients. Our stunning bar tops include the most intricate detailing and exquisite finishes for some of the most iconic venues in the UK and the World.

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Why bespoke?

Nothing leaves a lasting impression like bespoke metal bar top which has been crafted like no other. It’s a long-term investment, where the quality will be remembered long after the price has been forgotten. Our bar tops are long-lasting and stay in a beautiful condition year upon year. So if you are in the middle of a big architectural project, or your project is to find someone to create a timeless bar top, then we will help you create a final product which is unique.


CSM have extensive and specialist fabrication facilities and the capability to interpret their customers design requirements

– Paul Jones, Operations Director, Aztech Assemblies

How does the process work?

Simply give our designers a brief of how you envisage your metal bar top to look. This may be in the form of a list of requirements, or even a sketch of every little detail. We will work closely with you every step of the way to deliver only a first-class product that you’ll be excited to show off.

We are specialists in crafting bespoke and seamless  products using sheet metal fabrication. We pride ourselves on the fact that all of our metal fabrication projects are bespoke and hand-crafted specifically for each client needs.

Your choice of bar top materials are:


Zinc is one of the most versatile metals which leaves a contemporary finish and offers endless possibilities for design. The metal creates a distinctive and long lasting finishes – and will continue to be enjoyed for years to come.


Pewter is a beautiful metal which gives a classic and sophisticated appearance. Bar tops made from the metal tend to always leave an impression in a room. It’s one of our favourite metals to fabricate, and is always finished with exquisite detailing.

Stainless Steel

Our customised steel bar tops give out an industrial vibe. We always curve and smoothly round the corners of our bar tops, and they’re always finished to look beautifully sleek.


Brass gives the finished product an antique finish. If you want a unique  bar top which withstands the test of time – brass should be your winning choice.


Copper has a bright metallic colour and distinct green patina – beautiful and eye-catching.

Quality is key

Whether your architectural project requires a bar top with a sleek and modern edge, or a more traditional finish, our team of craftsmen can deliver your vision. We create masterpieces which will endure the test of time and leave a lasting impression.

Our ultimate goal is to complete our metal fabrication projects to the highest quality, with a polished and first-class product at the end of the process. Our processes have been refined for more than 29 years and we’re proud to have the specialist industry UKAS Quality Management System ISO 9001:2015 and CHAS Accreditations. We’re committed to investing in our team and company so you can be assured that your metal fabrications are created with industry-leading expertise and care.


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